AnnaMarie + JeffWaiting for the Storm to Pass: Lovers Leap State Park Engagement SessionNew Milford, CT

One of our most unique engagement sessions, to date, took place when we met our friends AnnaMarie and Jeff at Lovers Leap State Park last fall. Located in New Milford, CT, we made it just in time to shoot among the ever-popular (and seldom disappointing) Autumn colors of New England. This couple loves the outdoors and the site seemed to strike the perfect balance between the rustic location AnnaMarie was hoping for and Jeff’s intrigue over the stone ruins found throughout the park.

The park is named for the historical Lovers Leap Bridge, a red iron bridge that beautifully contrasts the surrounding foliage. Everyone agreed that the bridge seemed like a natural starting point, as it is the main attraction of the park. After some time, we made our way towards some nearby stone ruins, but a sudden downpour chased us back the way we came.

We took refuge under the bridge and had no choice but to watch and wait as the sound of missed-opportunity pitter-pattered away with every drop. Fortunately, Jeff and AnnaMarie were determined to wait it out and even try continuing our session in the rain. Just as we were beginning to think the day was a bust, something caught the couples’ eye.

Jeff lit up. He pointed towards the river below, grinning as if he’d spotted an unexpected old friend. A thick, cinematic fog had creeped in, blanketing the embankment. Everyone froze, falling silent as we became briefly transfixed by the breathtaking sight.

Without hesitation, Jeff made his way down the steep riverbank to scout ahead and see if there was a safe vantage point where we could take advantage of the scene before us. With our fingers crossed, we silently watched him make his way to the water’s edge below, hoping that he wouldn’t fall into the water, or somehow hurt himself. Breaking the silence, Jeff rallied the troops, “Let’s do this!”

The scene was set and, in a moment when most people would have called the untimely weather “upsetting” or “inconvenient” for an engagement session, this couple stepped into the rain, into their fairy tale.  

Our session came to life and any nervousness was washed away in the unforeseen beauty and intimacy of the moment. It was incredibly rewarding to watch everything fall into place and, through the lens, see them open up as they genuinely connected with one another as if we weren’t even there.

We were so impressed with how they responded to the untimely weather that we wanted to share some of our favorite moments. This couple certainly embody the philosophy of learning to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass.